Realty Service

Astha Realty offers experience and intelligence to help clients make informed real estate decisions. Astha provides Service like legal clearance, valuation and negotiation for realty transaction of industrial houses and retail establishments. In addition to Service for industries and retail establishment, Astha also supports in the planning and promotion of housing plots, industrial clusters, SEZs, etc. Astha through its comprehensive range of Service can add value to the client in every stage of the real estate process and help the client make the best buying, selling, financing managing or strategic planning decision.

Capital Service

Our Capital Service group can provide Service to maximize the value in a real estate project by helping clients involved in buying, investing, selling or financing real estate projects. From finding the right funding sources to adopting the best tax strategies, Astha’s Realty professionals in association with Capital Service and Advisory Service team can help you maximize returns, reduce costs, mitigate taxes and achieve the most favorable accounting treatments.

Investment Due Diligence

In addition to other realty Service, Astha Realty provides custom property research, market analysis and legal opinions to meet the client’s need to make an informed decision.

Property Research
Market Analysis
Legal Opinions

Valuation Service

Astha Realty offers appraisal and valuation Service for all types of commercial, industrial and residential property. Our professional team has a wide range of experience and can provide an accurate report within a short delivery time.

Due Diligence
Synergy Analysis
Valuation Analysis

Target Evaluation

Brokerage Service

Our brokerage service caters to the needs of individual landlords, tenants and companies to help them market their property and/or find properties that are reasonably priced and functionally fits the need of the client. The following is a list of our brokerage Service:

Industrial Real Estate
Office Space Solutions
Retail Space Solutions