Tax Compliance and Advisory Service

We understand that in today’s time, planning taxes can be an extremely daunting task and organizations need more than just tax planning guidance from their tax advisors. Astha's tax specialist’s technical know-how and personal commitment to meet customers’ needs will help you and your organization achieve the set commercial objectives. What further strengthens our position as a competent tax advisor is our unique attribute of being responsive to the customer's needs and wants, our ability to bring about the positive change, and our repute for maintaining quality and transparency in everything that we do.


Due to growing tax laws and regulations, tax planning may seem complex and might not seem like the most exciting part of running a business. But down the road when it saves a lot of money, the payoff can be exhilarating. Business tax planning is an important exercise each year for all businesses and planning ahead can make a significant difference while filing the tax return. At Astha we believe each business is unique and each business needs a unique tax plan to help achieve its business objectives.
Our tax specialists are experienced in working with SME’s, Mid-Corporates and Corporates across different sectors and can help design your organization’s tax planning and compliance procedures that are in sync with the commercial objectives of your business.

Business Structuring
Tax returns preparation
Transaction Consulting

Legislation Impact Analysis
Financial Controls Evaluation
Accounts Finalization

Individual Taxation

Tax planning for individuals is an important aspect of family wealth and retirement planning. A person's tax situation is influenced each year due to job changes, income fluctuation, sale and purchase of property, asset creation, loans, marriage, child birth or even winning the lottery. Transactions an individual undertakes during the year can have a major influence on a person’s tax situation and can even make a person owing additional tax money at the end of the assessment year. Therefore, it is important to evaluate a person's tax situation continuously throughout the year and take corrective actions, if necessary. At Astha our tax advisors will plan and monitor your tax strategy based on where you are today and where you plan to be in the future. By understanding your short-term and long-term goals and being aware of major events in your life we can work with you to design tax strategies that maximize your tax benefits. The following are Service we provide for individuals:

Tax Advisory
Tax Filing
NRI Tax Planning & Compliance

Retirement Planning
Personal Financial Planning
Major Transaction/Event Advisory

Tax-Exempt Organization

The tax rules and regulations concerning Non-profit organizations are as diverse and complex as rules and regulations concerning businesses and individuals. Even though most tax exempt organizations are exempt from income tax, the organizations are still required to complete an income tax return each year and report the sources of revenue and expenses. Further, tax exempt organizations are threatened by steep penalties for non-compliance with tax laws thus requiring an advisory with comprehensive knowledge of tax rules and regulations pertaining to tax-exempt organizations. The following are Service offered for Tax-Exempt organizations.

Tax Compliance
80 G Application
35 AC Application

Tax compliance and advisory

  • Corporate & Individual taxes
  • Tax planning.
  • ETDS Services.
  • Compliance tax returns, appeals, etc
  • VAT and other indirect taxes
  • Tax audit